Prayer. Love. Unity. Service.  The group of “young” adults over the age of 21 work together with social events and ministry focused on their age group and relationship to God.  Events and meetings vary.

Teniece Thurston teniecet@gmail.com 



Christian Business/Professionals

The professional group is filled with business owners and professionals who have their business under the service of God.  This group holds an annual fair to showcase their services for the members of the church, and increase their visibility.

Alton Bell altonbell@hotmail.com



Deacons Ministry

Deacons serve as care and oversight of the flock through prayer, discipleship, baptism and communion.  They serve to support the Pastor and administer benevolence to the members of the church.

Dea. Willie Whitehead whiteheadphoto@me.com

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess are to assist in the spiritual matters of the Church and assist the Deacons with weekly services for the congregation, including support for grieving families.

Earvie Horton  ehort518@gmail.com


Domestic Violence

A resource for members who are victims/survivors of domestic violence and provide information and resources for members to help someone they know. 

Stephanie Love-Patterson salp@aol.com



Genesis (Children)

For ages 5-12, focusing on introducing and teaching our children a relationship with Christ for their ages.  Specific worship service for this group meets every 3rd and 4th Sunday fellowship hall 3rd floor.

Cheryl Rose shay92@sbcglobal.cet



Generation Next (Youth)

For ages 13-20 to enhance, develop, and prepare future leaders of the church!  There is a special service for this group 2nd and 3rd Sunday in the Fellowship Hall at 9 am.

Robin Covington covingtonrobin@yahoo.com


Health Awareness

Promoting awareness of community health issues and preventative of negative action to ensure the body of Christ is living at their best God given lives.

Martha Jamison marthajamison84@yahoo.com

Health Professionals

To treat God’s people with compassion, dignity, and utmost respect in the time of emergency with appropriate medical response and provide health education for our congregation.

Constance Daniels connied314@yahoo.com



This group meet all members and visitors prior to church service.  The give a warm welcome and smile for all coming to participate in church functions, mainly weekly service. 

Betty Jones jonesbetty422@yahoo.com



A helping hand and resource for better benefits for military veterans and their families.  This group focuses on those

Andrea McClam-Baker arm34@hotmail.com


Senior’s Ministry

To keep our “seasoned” adults: informed, connected, and engaged through a variety of wholesome events to ensure no one is lost or forgotten. 

Janet Edmondson  Msjanete3@gmail.com



To provide church and ministries vehicle to spread the message of the church and reach those outside the “walls”.

Lewis Warrick lewdog73@yahoo.com



Ushers Ministry

The ushers are the “doorkeepers” in the house of God.  They provide direction for the congregation in seating, and assist to make sure the congregation is respectful and orderly in the service.  Ushers meet on Saturday’s in the worship center.

Arthur Lane at ushermanlane1@gmail.com