Director, Joyce Thurston


Transformation… This is the ultimate goal of the Christian Education Ministry.  By providing supervision, guidance, direction and programmatic support of effective Christian teaching as we grow our congregants by developing the total person: spirit, mind, and body.  By growing, nurturing and disciplining believers toward maturity in Christ, we are equipping them to glorify God in every area of their lives.


New Members/Spiritual Boot Camp

Class sessions are offered which give basic information about our Christian faith, provides an understanding of the foundation of New Covenant, and helps individuals to get connected, involved, and committed within the body of the Church.


Jurlena Macklin

Marriage Matters

A bi-monthly virtual class which provides tools and support for married couples on how to invest in their relationship and build/maintain a happy, healthy Christian marriage. (see calendar for dates and times)


Reginald / Stephanie Patterson

Ron Raspberry

Cathy Raspberry

The Parenting Newsletter

Inspirational messages, support, and viable resources are provided to parents on a monthly basis.


Sharon Morris



Real Talk For Wives Book Club

Join us for engaging conversations and discussions centered around Christian based books and topics that promote and bring a community of married women together virtually to dispel behaviors that negatively impact relationships and foster those that enhance them. (see calendar for dates and time).


Stephanie Patterson

Cathy Raspberry


Ruth Thurston Institute on Biblical Studies

God desires His people not to be ignorant of His Word.  We provide a platform to meet God’s mandate that we study His word to the end.  The Institute meets each week on Monday with a virtual afternoon class and evening class.  Each term, a focus will be one book from the Old Testament and one book from the New Testament.


Michelle Thompson


Super Soul Life Lessons

                                                                                (formerly known as Sunday School)

The most important connection between one’s material body and spiritual self that lends itself to change and growth through the implementation of teaching, instructing and discipling through God’s Word.  Classes are held virtually and/or in-person


Vacation Bible School

A supportive, fun and creative method of teaching God’s Word and Christ-like values to all ages which promotes community outreach; provides evangelism opportunities and affords relationship building skills.