Transformation.  This is the ultimate goal of the Christian Education Ministry (CEM).  By providing supervision, guidance, direction and programmatic support of effective Christian teaching as we grow our congregants by developing the total person: spirit, mind, and body.  By growing, nurturing and disciplining believers toward maturity in Christ, we are equipping them to glorify God in every area of their lives.




Prayer. Love. Unity. Service.  The group of “young” adults over the age of 21 work together with social events and ministry focused on their age group and relationship to God.  Events and meetings vary.


Teniece Thurston 



For ages 5-12, focusing on introducing and teaching our children a relationship with Christ for their ages.  Specific worship service for this group meets every 3rd and 4th Sunday fellowship hall 3rd floor.


Cheryl Rose shay92@sbcglobal.cet 

Generation Next!

For ages 13-20 to enhance, develop, and prepare future leaders of the church!  There is a special service for this group 2nd and 3rd Sunday in the Fellowship Hall at 9AM.


Robin Covington 


New Members

The New Members Ministry is here to offer basic information about our Christian faith and to inform how we, the New Covenant family, operate within the Body of Christ.  We are also available to our new members as points of contact.


Debra Dickens 



Married Couples

Weekly, this Sunday school class provides tools to married couples and support on how to increase the union using God’s word.


Reginald / Stephanie Patterson

Ron Raspberry

Cathy Raspberry


We provide support and resources to parents including The Parenting Newsletter.


Sharon Morris



Ruth Thurston Institute on Biblical Studies

God desires His people not to be ignorant of His Word.  We provide a platform to meet God’s mandate that we study His word to the end.  The Institute meets each week on Monday with an afternoon class and evening class.  Each term a focus will be one book from the Old Testament and one book from The New Testament.


Michelle Thompson




Sunday School

Sunday School is more than giving and receiving information about the Bible, the Church and God. Our teachers are dedicated to impact the whole person-the heart, mind, body and spirit. It is about who we are as God’s people as well as what we do and what we know!


Diane Burrage Martin 



Men’s Mission and Ministry

Our mission is to extend the fellowship of Christian brotherhood to all men. We are dedicated to promoting substantial growth in our male membership, while invigorating the involvement of our current male membership. 


Rev. William Brown at 

Women’s Mission/Ministry

Our goal is to minister to physical and spiritual needs to our church members and to the community.


Barbara Holman 



Seed of Hope Pantry

We are vessels called of God seeking to reach the sick, hungry, downcast and the lost throughout the Church and the community.  Each Saturday the Seed of Hope provide food baskets for those in need from 9-11AM.  We typically serve nearly 100 people each week from donations given from our members and food pantries.


Barbara Holman