Director, Joyce Thurston


Transformation… This is the ultimate goal of the Christian Education Ministry.  By providing supervision, guidance, direction and programmatic support of effective Christian teaching as we grow our congregants by developing the total person: spirit, mind, and body.  By growing, nurturing and disciplining believers toward maturity in Christ, we are equipping them to glorify God in every area of their lives.


New Members

The New Members Ministry is here to offer basic information about our Christian faith and to inform how we, the New Covenant family, operate within the Body of Christ.  We are also available to our new members as points of contact.


Debra Dickens 

Married Couples

This weekly Sunday School class provides tools to married couples and support on how to increase the union using God’s word.


Reginald / Stephanie Patterson

Ron Raspberry

Cathy Raspberry


We provide support and resources to parents including The Parenting Newsletter.


Sharon Morris


Ruth Thurston Institute on Biblical Studies

God desires His people not to be ignorant of His Word.  We provide a platform to meet God’s mandate that we study His word to the end.  The Institute meets each week on Monday with an afternoon class and evening class.  Each term a focus will be one book from the Old Testament and one book from The New Testament.


Michelle Thompson


Sunday School

Sunday School is more than giving and receiving information about the Bible, the Church and God. Our teachers are dedicated to impact the whole person-the heart, mind, body and spirit. It is about who we are as God’s people as well as what we do and what we know!


Ella Morris 


Vacation Bible School

A form of religious education that is supported by fun, creative methods of teaching God’s Word and Christ-like      values.  It ministers to all ages, creates community outreach, provides evangelism opportunities and affords relationship building skills.