2140 Ministry

2140 Ministry

The mission of 2140 Ministry and those who participate is:
while we WITNESS to others enthusiastically; in order
to DISCOVER and UTILZE our divine gifts effectively;
and REPRESENT Jesus constantly (consistently)

Praise God

God created man and put him on the earth to praise Him and to show off how great He is! We are alive today because of God’s grace and mercy, what we deserved He didn’t allow to happen. All living things that breathe are to praise the Lord! In fact, it is written David praised God with so much passion he danced out of his clothes! As the next generation, we will do the same! At all times give God the praise He is worthy and due! Real simple, we are going to give God his due, in all we do and how we do it!

Witness to others

The great commission tells us to go and spread the gospel throughout all nations. Wouldn’t it be great if we had our friends and family with us were we live? Instead of them wondering what we do, they can see it for themselves! Our closes relationships are built from our worship experience and the more we tell about it, the more we can relate with here on Earth. And if we can relate now, wait til we go home to heaven!

Discover and utilize our gifts

Some of us can dance, others may have the ability to listen or maybe the gift to teach. We don’t want to be the one who buries our gift and “save” our gifts instead of sharing with the world. Within this ministry there are many avenues to use what your talents including:

Project Management
Financial Management
Interior Design
Graphic/Website Development
Facebook and Ipod technology
Fine Arts

Represent Jesus!

The best part about being saved is living for Jesus! It is a constant journey, even expressed in various songs like, “Please be patient with me, God is not through with me yet!” He is not done, but as Paul states, leaving old things behind we all must continue to press toward the mark of the high calling which is in Jesus.

This does sound MAJOR and it is! This is God’s work and business and we as the next generation are about it. We will have to prepare for those behind us. This will take ALL OF US! Not some, not 20%, but ALL of us. Ask the ’85 Bears how they won, they did it as a team as did the Bulls, Jordan had others around him (believe it or not!).

We extend this ministry to you and as a member of this church!

Director: Adolph Harris
Email: nc2140@yahoo.com
Phone: 773-846-3700